First Azerbaijani low cost airline company

The first Azerbaijani low-cost airline Buta Airways has opened the sale of air tickets on its website, the low-coster said. The site of the airlone is available in three languages ​​- Azerbaijani, Russian and English. The company has already opened the sale of tickets.

At the moment, the sale of air tickets in several directions: Antalya, Kazan, Mineralnye Vody, Moscow (Vnukovo airport), Kiev (Zhulyany airport), Tehran (Imam Khomeini airport) and Tbilisi.

The first flight of the airline is scheduled for September 1 in Tbilisi.

But with the beginning of the winter season (from October 29, 2017), the Buta Airways network will be replenished with cities such as Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen Airport) and St. Petersburg.

The minimum rate for all destinations is 29 euros one way. Being a lowcoster, additional services such as luggage, hand luggage, hot meals on board, check-in at the airport, as well as choosing seats in the plane on Buta Airways will be paid.

Air tickets purchased at the minimum tariff are not subject to return and exchange.

In Baku, tourists learn to cook qutab

Department of Culture and Tourism of Baku and the restaurant complex “Karvansaray” have launched a joint project.

On the first day of the project, culinary classes were held for more than 200 tourists who visited the Complex.

Professional chefs told tourists about the way of cooking kutabs, and then the participants of the master class had the opportunity to cook this dish of Azerbaijani cuisine.

The culinary master class aroused great interest among foreign guests.

The aim of the project is to promote the rich Azerbaijani cuisine, familiarize tourists with the ways of preparing various national dishes.


More and more Russians are traveling to Azerbaijan

Nine climatic zones, a unique Caspian Sea with magical beaches, ancient culture and delicious oriental cuisine, ski resorts that are not inferior to European ones, unique Naftalan’s healing oil can be listed for a long time, but it’s better to come and see, And, of course, try it all yourself. As do hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world and put their rest to the highest mark – this is indicated by the top lines of various tourist ratings. Do not lag behind them and statistics. A feast in the new genre – the first shopping festival in Baku – was visited by more than 250 thousand people!

But Azerbaijan is recognized as a world-class professional with great experience, so it is in the organization of events. Event calendar of Azerbaijan will not let anyone get bored: literally a couple of weeks ago, in May, Baku hosted the IV Islamic solidarity games, and in June the city is already waiting for the Grand Prix of the Formula 1 races. Between them – street festivals held with a real eastern scope.

“Azerbaijan is developing very rapidly and, what I particularly like, is successfully developing new directions – only the shopping festival has ended, and already a food festival is held behind it,” commented Dmitry Saveliev, head of the Russia-Azerbaijan Friendship Group. – And the hospitality of Azerbaijanis is truly legendary. I think that many Russians have become convinced of this, and, of course, they will more than once return to beautiful Azerbaijan. “

Hundreds of thousands of visitors gather street festivals, and people come to them without fear – in the Republic of Azerbaijan there has been a stable socio-political situation for many years, while at the once usual directions there is a threat that the rest will be spoiled by the news of another terrorist attack. Well, what a holiday without an oriental table! By the way, even the brand “Azerbaijan breakfast” was patented here. Well, instead of souvenirs, many take home sweets, jam, grenades.

It is also worth mentioning the luxury beaches, which are no worse than the Turkish or Italian, but much closer. And soon their number will be increased – the country has adopted a plan for the development of beach tourism until 2020. To the services of lovers of peaceful rest, the miraculous Azeri health resorts will also come to their liking: what is Naftalan oil is known all over the world.

And of course, it should be separately noted that the Russian tourist in Azerbaijan will be even more comfortable than anyone else. After all, our countries maintain friendly relations throughout their history. There are many Russian speakers in Azerbaijan, so there is no communication problem per se.

The material is provided by the press service of the Russia-Azerbaijan interparliamentary friendship group